Ashley Zorich

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TrotBWSimply put, I’ve had a passion and calling for horses from a young age. It was not a family trait, so I worked at local barns riding and training as many horses as possible throughout my youth.

My world changed at 17 when I traveled to Germany for two weeks and  had an opportunity to ride. That trip opened my eyes to a REAL and different horse world — one where horsemanship and horse farms were valued professions. I came home and three months later returned to Germany. I stayed for two years riding and working at a training barn in Warendorf under Stephan Kiesewetter. Additionally, I was privileged to work with Angelika Fromming, Ralph-Michael Rash, Julia-Katharina Von Platen, and enjoyed many local events — DOKR, Verden and Vechta auctions, Aachen, and the Celle National State Stud. Thus began my love affair with Germany and its horses.

Returning stateside, I managed and trained at a variety of barns in the Puget Sound region, but continued to return to Germany and Holland every year or so. While there, I train with a number of trainers whom I admire, including most recently Wolfram Wittig. I’ve had amazing teachers in the equestrian world. I value their influence and my opportunities to view their rides.

I love travel and adventure and like to combine those pleasures with my love of  horses — all passions that will remain a part of my life forever. Traveling has given me insight into what I want in my life as an instructor and as a trainer in the lives of my horses. I value honesty, integrity, and learning — and I like to make it fun! I’m blessed with an amazing family whom I love and from whom I have learned so much through the experiences they have provided.

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