Training | Instruction

Each horse and rider is individual and should be treated as such. While my background is influenced from training extensively within the German system, I won’t promote one method as more correct than another when a horse may require a different approach. “Feeling” is the most important feedback for all riders. Getting on your horse and “feeling” that connection beneath you and with every move is a primary goal. I can help you understand what is happening and how to use your aids effectively to achieve the desired “feel” or harmony we all are striving to achieve.

Equine psyche/behavior varies daily — just like people. Variety in day-to-day schooling of the movements coupled with cross training (trail riding, hacking, pole work, free jumping) provides balance for optimal results and well being. It keeps the work interesting for the horse, enriching their minds as well as their bodies. As an instructor, I focus on basics — never rushing the horse or my riders.

Because I work at multiple barns, my schedule is flexible and tailored to each horse. A program will be dependent upon the level we are training, if schooling for a show, trying to fix a problem, or learning a new movement.

Typical Training Plan:

Monday: Lunge
Tuesday: Basic warm-up exercises — Suppling, looseness, rhythm, obedience. (long, low, over the back)

Wednesday: Basic warm up — incorporate movements
Thursday: Free day/cross training (hacking, trail ride, free jumping
Friday: Basic warm up — incorporate movements
Saturday: Free day (hacking, trail ride, free jumping or just long and low for 20 minutes)
Sunday: No lessons or training except for shows or by special request.

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